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Whey Milk USA

WheyMilk Assortments

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1st & Best WheyMilk is a table drink primarily used as a milk alternate. This nutritious formulation functions well in all cooking where whole, 2%, 1%, or dry milk solids are necessary. 1st & Best WheyMilk is made from sweet dairy whey, whey proteins, fructose, coconut oil, minerals, vitamins, emulsifiers, and natural and artificial vanilla (vanillin,the liquid part of vanilla). 1st & Best WheyMilk has the color and texture of 2% milk with no powdered milk taste.

COCO RICH Premium Cocoa is made with all natural, rich tasting gourmet cocoa and is WHEY based. COCO RICH is similar to our 1st & Best WheyMilk beverage with 30% whey protein in every 8 oz glass. You would think that with such a rich tasting beverage, calories would be high. Not so. In one 8 oz glass, only 124 calories, less than 2% milk and much less than the 150 calories found in whole milk. With 2 grams of protein, 25 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fat and "0" cholesterol, COCO RICH Premium Cocoa is truly DYNAMITE!