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  1. Lika Premium WheyMilk™

    Lika Premium WheyMilk™

    WheyMilk™ is a table beverage primarily used as a milk alternative. This nutritious formulation also functions well in all cooking and baking where whole, 2%, 1%, or dry milk solids are necessary. It has a crisp clean taste that has a hint of vanilla, and can be used in any manner that you typically use milk. You will be pleasantly surprised with the flavor and texture after it has been mixed with water, and refrigerated to chill.

    Many of our loyal customers would rather drink WheyMilk™ even though they could choose Milk if they desired!

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  2. Coco Rich - Premium Cocoa

    Coco Rich - Premium Cocoa

    Remember those cold winter days when you were a kid? Snow flakes slowing floating down, making everything white and clean, throwing snow balls at your friends, making angels and sleigh riding. When Mom called for you to come inside, you knew there was something good waiting for you in the kitchen. You're right, hot chocolate! Ahh the good ole days. Well the good ole days are back! COCO RICH is here. Be it cold or hot outside, COCO RICH will refresh and add a burst of energy that will carry you through the day.

    COCO RICH Premium Cocoa is made with all natural, rich tasting gourmet cocoa and is WHEY based. COCO RICH is similar to our 1st & Best WheyMilk beverage with 30% whey protein in every 8 oz glass. You would think that with such a rich tasting beverage, calories would be high. Not so. In one 8 oz glass, only 124 calories, less than 2% milk and much less than the 150 calories found in whole milk. With 2 grams of protein, 25 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fat and "0" cholesterol, COCO RICH Premium Cocoa is truly DYNAMITE!

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  3. Heart Health Plus

    Heart Health Plus

    Heart HealthTM Plus is a naturally delicious Beverage, and is the First Milk Alternative to combine the outstanding nutritional qualities of Whey and Coconut Oil that is NOT HYDROGENATED, for cardiovascular health. 

    • Vitamin and Mineral Fortified
    • Cholesterol Free
    • Reduced Lactose
    • Contains live Acidophilus & Bifidus Cultures
    • Calcium Fortified
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  4. WheyMilk Assortments

    WheyMilk Assortments

    1st & Best WheyMilk is a table drink primarily used as a milk alternate. This nutritious formulation functions well in all cooking where whole, 2%, 1%, or dry milk solids are necessary. 1st & Best WheyMilk is made from sweet dairy whey, whey proteins, corn syrup solids, coconut oil, minerals, vitamins, emulsifiers, and natural and artificial vanilla (vanillin,the liquid part of vanilla). 1st & Best WheyMilk has the color and texture of 2% milk with no powdered milk taste.

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  5. WheyMilk Mixing Pitcher

    WheyMilk Mixing Pitcher

    WheyMilk Mixing Pitcher is an easy way to mix and prepare WheyMilk and Coco Rich and is FREE FREIGHT when ordered with other WheyMilk products!

    Mixing Instructions:

    1- Dissolve appropriate amount of Lika into about 1/3 the amount of hot tap water as per mixing chart.

    2- Add cold water to make the total amount of beverage desired.

    3- Mix thoroughly.

    4- For finest flavor, chill in closed container in refrigerator before serving.

    Suggested abount only - Mix to suit personal taste.


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